Information about copyrights

By submitting the work together with the figures and tables, the Author (Authors) declares (declare) that the submitted work has not been previously published or submitted to the editorial office of another journal. In addition, the Author (Authors) declares (declare) that he/they automatically transfers/transfer to the Publisher all copyrights and dependent rights for issuance and dissemination of submitted materials free of charge - in all already known and likely to arise in the future publishing forms or for any other dissemination of work and all known and future fields of exploitation - provided that this work has been accepted for publication and published.

At the same time, the Author (Authors) agrees (agree) that he/they will not submit his/their work for publication anywhere and in any language without the prior written consent of the copyright acquirer, which is the Publisher. The prize for sending an article is a publication in the Publisher magazine.

Regardless of the aforementioned effects, the Author (Authors), in order to be released from the liability to third parties, should attach to the submitted manuscript a statement by the Author (Authors) (Statement Form on the journal's website). In addition, the Author (Authors) confirms (confirm) that they acquainted themselves with the regulations of submitting works in the journal JHPNMR and obliges (oblige) to comply with them.

Previously published illustrative materials should be provided with a written consent of the Publisher for re-publication. Photos presenting people that could be identified must be attached with their written consent for publication.

Any disputes regarding publication shall be resolved by the District Court appropriate for the Publisher's registered office. Legal relations between the Publisher and the Author are governed by Polish law and international conventions in force in Poland. The legal basis for the acquisition of copyright is Art. 921 § 3 sentence 3 of the Civil Code, in connection with Art. 50 of the Act on Copyright and related rights and relevant international conventions.