Anna Michalik Katarzyna Jaromin


Introduction. The professional group of nurses is ex-posed to the occurrence of back pain due to the action of mechan-ical factors exceeding physical endurance and the formation of long-term degenerative changes. The aim of the study. Assessment of the occurrence of the prob-lem of back pain in professionally active nurses. Materials and methods. The study was conducted in a group of 110 professionally active nurses working in the tertiary hospitals in Bielsko-Biała. The research tool was the author's question-naire. Results. The study showed that the incidence of pain in profes-sionally active nurses is 97.3%. The highest percentage of nurses surveyed experienced back pain in the lumbar region (73.6%), 41.8% in the cervical segment, and 33.6% in the thoracic seg-ment. Along with seniority, the pain increased. The main factors increasing the severity of pain in the opinion of the respondents were lifting / moving patients and taking an inclined position. Conclusions. Back pain is one of the most serious problems in the professional nurses group. Most of the nurses participating in the study do not have proper knowledge about work ergonomics, activities supporting the musculoskeletal system and non-pharmacological relief of pain.