Lidia Olszowy Iwona Dudzik Zbigniew Kopański Małgorzata Schlegel-Zawadzka Grażyna Tomiak


Introduction. Quality management is the systematic action of all employees of a given unit, the aim of which is to improve the quality of patient care. Quality management is not control, as it involves quality planning, improvement, quality measurement and evaluation of the entire organisation.
The aim of the study. The aim of the work was to present selected issues of health service quality management.
Selection of material. The search was conducted in the Scopus database for the period 1999-2020 in the field of Polish bibliog-raphy, using the terms management, quality of medical services. From the literature found in the Google Scholar database, studies were selected which, in the opinion of the authors, would be most useful in the preparation of this study.
Conclusions. Nowadays, quality management is associated with standards defined by ISO standards. ISO is the International Or-ganization for Standardization, which deals with defining stand-ards for products, services and management systems. ISO stand-ards are documents developed by experts in a given field. They contain information and practical guidelines on many aspects of activity. An ISO standard is a management tool for improving a specific area or organisation. ISO is one of the best known sys-tems of quality certificates issued by the International Organisa-tion for Standardisation.

Keywords: management, quality of health care



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