Agnieszka Rafalak Zbigniew Kopański Agnieszka Roszczypała Monika Mazurek


Introduction. After Poland's entry into the European Union, postgraduate education in the profession of a nurse flourished. There was a need to adapt to European standards, and the constant dynamics of changes taking place in medicine - the introduction of modern technologies - still requires nurses to constantly develop their knowledge and skills. Continuous further training has become both a need and a necessity. A wide range of further training is now available.The aim of the study. The aim of the research was to determine the role of selected factors influencing the use of various forms of complementary vocational training in the nurse profession.Materials and methods. The study was conducted among 68 nurses working in the hospital in Plonsk. The method of diagnostic survey was applied with the use of the author's questionnaire.Results. The respondents see the need for supplementary education in their profession and are willing to take advantage of specialist and qualification courses. The courses have both professional and personal benefits. Self-study is a necessary form of further education in a nurse's job, but also internal training is very popular among the most commonly chosen forms of learning.Conclusions. Modern nurses are eager to improve their qualifications and competences based on their own professional and personal development. The most important benefits after the completion of training are considered by the respondents to be the improvement of qualifications and competences and their own ambitions. The factors that improve motivation to take up training are increased salaries, while demotivating high training costs. Nurses are mosing to participate in specialist and qualification courses, and specialisation is the one that in
creases professional confidence. Self-education is an important part of nurses' professional work.

Keywords: nurse, postgraduate education, qualifications



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