Anna Has Alicja Kłos Zbigniew Kopański Agnieszka Rozbicka Roman Kollár


Introduction. An addiction or other social pathology can occur in any environment, no matter if you are well educated, married or brought up in a good environment. In theory, it is possible to prevent such anomalies by reacting early on to the symptoms that appear. In many cases, there is a need to help a person and their family affected by social pathology.
The aim of the work was to present a short system of assistance to a person and his family affected by social pathology.
Selection of material. The search was conducted in the Scopus database for the period 2008-2020 in the field of Polish bibliography, using the terms social pathologies, social assistance, medical care and non-governmental organisations. From the literature found in the Google Scholar database, studies were selected which, in the opinion of the authors, would be most useful in preparing this study.
Conclusions. Counteracting social pathology and helping a person and their family affected by it is a task carried out by many institutions, including social welfare centres, the Commune Commission for the Solving of Alcohol Problems, Non-governmental Organisations and the Health Service. The activities of these institutions often enable sick people and their families to overcome difficult life situations in which they need help and prevent the recurrence of such situations.

Keywords: social pathologies, social assistance, medical care, NGOs



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