Anna Has Alicja Kłos Zbigniew Kopański Wojciech Uracz Roman Kollár


Introduction. Drugs and alcoholism take on a social dimension, which requires taking into account not only the effects of the substance, but also the social circumstances surrounding its adoption. The principles of social coexistence under the influence of alcohol and drugs are increasingly being violated. At the same time, the age of people who use psychoactive drugs and/or drink alcohol is increasingly falling, which often results in conflict with the law.
The aim of the study. The aim of the work was to present selected issues from drug and alcoholism.
Selection of material. The search was conducted in the Scopus database for the period 2006-2019, using the terms drug addic-tion , alcoholism, drug effects, alcohol. From the literature found in the Google Scholar database, studies were selected which, in the opinion of the authors, would be most useful in the prepara-tion of this study.
Conclusions. Today, the causes and forms of drug use and alco-hol consumption have changed. This is no longer seen as a form of rebellion against the deception and conformism of the older generation. Now it is becoming a fashion, one of the forms of spending free time, the opportunity to experience strong emotions or escape from stress and frustration. More and more people are beginning to experiment with psychoactive agents and alcohol.

Keywords: drug addiction, alcoholism, drug use effects, alcohol



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