Magdalena Stachurska Zbigniew Kopański Andriy Holyachenko Roman Kollár


Introduction. Estimation of the risk of cardiovascular disease is often individualised. It is a theoretical measure because it is impossible to determine all possible disease risk factors. Therefore, such actions often concern selected (main) disease risk factors.
Aim of the study. The aim of the study was to present the leading selected causes of cardiovascular diseases and to draw attention to the quality of life of patients with cardiovascular diseases.
Selection of material. The search was conducted in the Scopus database for the period 2001-2019, using cardiovascular risk fac-tors. The literature found in the Google Scholar database was analysed for the highest number of citations. The literature se-lected in this way was used as the material for this work.
Conclusions. Raising social awareness of the cardiovascular con-sequences associated with abnormal lifestyles, including genetic predispositions that help to develop hypertension, hypercholes-terolemia and diabetes, is an

Keywords: cardiovascular diseases, risk factors, quality of life



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