Hanna Hὒpsch-Marzec Agnieszka Gorzkowska


Introduction. Elderly people represent a significant and growing group of patients using dental treatment. Ageing is associated with the deterioration of the balance control system and reduced ability to compensate in situations leading to the destabilization, which results in falls. Injuries associated with falls can cause physical impairment, disability, and even death.
Aim of the study. The aim of the present study was to draw attention to the problem of falls in the specific setting of the dental surgery.
Selection of material. The authors have reviewed the literature for the period 1993-2018. concerning falls of elderly people in the dental office.
Conclusions. Falls suffered by elderly patients treated in dental surgeries can be prevented through: 1.Creating a well-organized, friendly environment, and taking into consideration architectural solutions in the immediate surroundings of the surgery and all rooms available to elderly patients. 2. Gathering detailed information on the current health status of the patient, and his/her impairments and used medications, with particular consideration of risk factors for loss of balance. 3.Reducing stress associated with visits to the dentist. 4.Ensuring professional comprehensive medical care at each stage of dental treatment.

Keywords: ageing, the elderly, falls, geriatric dentistry