Elżbieta Wójcik Zbigniew Kopański Grażyna Tomiak Milan Laurinc


Introduction. Each chronic disease has a significant impact on an individual's current picture of life, interferes with his or her social roles, threatens basic values, life and health. The process of adaptation to a new situation in the conditions of the disease is treated as a new, difficult adaptation. In this context, special attention should be paid to mental disorders, in which the feeling of losing control over one's life, state of mind, vision of uncertain future, can be a significant obstacle demotivating the individual to take up the effort of struggling with the illness, which would consequently be very helpful in regaining health.
Aim of the study. The aim of the study was to present selected issues from the social functioning of people with mental disorders.
Selection of material. The search was conducted in the Scopus database using the terms mental illness, man, society, beliefs 1960-2018. The literature found in the Google Scholar database was analysed for the highest number of citation. The literature selected in this way was used as the material for this work.
Conclusions. The level of social functioning is the result of social skills, which are possessed and used in everyday life, consisting in expressing their positive and negative emotional states in a socially acceptable way.

Keywords: mental illness, man, public



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