Borys Głusz Zbigniew Kopański Wojciech Uracz Reinhard Kitzberger


Introduction. There are analgesics and diastolic drugs that can be administered by a paramedic on their own, without a medical descriptio.
The aim of the study. The aim of the study was to present the characteristics of drugs that can be coordinated by a paramedic in the treatment of pain.
Selection of material. The search was conducted in the Scopus database using the terms of analgesic therapy, paramedic 2001-2018. The literature found in the Google Scholar database was analysed for the highest number of citations. The literature selected in this way was used as the material for this work.
Conclusions. Competent behaviour of a paramedic at the place of the incident in a patient with headache requires the paramedic to know the mechanisms of action of drugs that the paramedic can administer on his/her own and to be able to assess the effectiveness of the analgesic treatment provided.

Keywords: pain relief, paramedic



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