Dariusz Walkowiak Rafał Staszewski


Introduction. Job satisfaction seems to be a key factor influencing various aspects of work in any organization. Considering the specificity of work in healthcare system, employee satisfaction with their work seems crucial.
The aim of the study. The aim of the research was to determine with the help of MSQ the main source of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of Polish nurses and to determine the importance of the respondents' education, age and professional experience for this research.
Materials and Methods. The research was conducted using the short version of the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire. A study was carried out in a large hospital in western Poland. 205 questionnaires were distributed in the hospital among nurses, of whom 177 (86.3%) participated in the study. The mean and standard deviation (SD) have been calculated for all MSQ factors. Spearman's rank correlation coefficient was calculated to determine possible correlations between educational level, age and job seniority in the current workplace, and on the other hand, opinions on particular aspects of job satisfaction.
Results. The most important factors that adversely affect the nurses' job satisfaction in our study group were remuneration, working conditions, and hospital policies and practices. Factors positively influencing the level of job satisfaction were security with steady employment, performing service for other people, and being active on the job.
Conclusions. Our results confirm the earlier findings by other researchers who established that Polish nurses are satisfied with most aspects of their work. Our results also confirmed the fact that earnings are the worstrated aspect of the nurses' job satisfaction. Moreover, the level of satisfaction in our research seems even lower that in other similar studies. No correlation between satisfaction with remuneration and educational level, age and job seniority in the current workplace was found.

Keywords: nurses, job satisfaction, Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire