Dominika Polak Zbigniew Kopański Stanisław Dyl Marek Liniarski Roman Kollár


Introduction. The sexual behaviour of pregnant women is often a taboo subject, both among medical personnel and the patients themselves. Relationships with a partner and existing behaviour are also changing. At this particular time, women often show a need for closeness, warmth or understanding. Also preferences, needs and sexual activity, or the form of contact often change.
The aim of the study. The aim of the work was to learn about the behaviour and sexual preferences of pregnant women.
Materials and Methods. The study involved 106 pregnant women, patients of the Gynaecological and Obstetrical Clinic aged 17-47 years. The study used a proprietary questionnaire. The results were developed statistically with the use of IBM SPSS Statistics.
Results and Conclusions. Most pregnant women accept their body and psyche and the changes that occur in it. They are satisfied and derive satisfaction from their own femininity. Most of the respondents do not think it is necessary to give up sexual intercourse during pregnancy, but if there is a need for restraint, it is not an unbearable situation for them. Definitely, the majority of the respondents believe that sexual relations are conducive to building a proper bond and relationship with a partner. With the age of women, the acceptance of the statement that sexual intercourse during pregnancy is conducive to building a valuable relationship and the conviction that one can feel full sexual satisfaction during pregnancy increases. As women grow older, the less willing they were to accept their mental manifestations of femininity during pregnancy and the less willing they were to give up some form of realization of their sexuality during pregnancy.

Keywords: sexuality, pregnancy, sexual satisfaction, sexual behaviour, surveys



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