Jarosław Strychar Zbigniew Kopański Gregory Sianos


Introduction. In the literature one can find descriptions of many methods that concern both conservative and surgical treatment of the carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Similarly, the effectiveness of these methods is assessed differently.
The aim of the study. The main objective of the thesis was to discuss the methods of conservative and surgical treatment of CTS.
Selection of material. The search was carried out in the Scopus database using the concepts of the carpal tunnel syndrome, methods of surgical treatment, conservative treatment and complications after treatment of patients with CTS in years 2000-2018. The literature found in the Google Scholar database was analysed in terms of the largest number of citations. Literature selected in this way served as the material for the thesis.
Conclusions. Prophylaxis, diagnostics and, above all, therapy implemented in patients with CTS are of great importance in the disease prognosis. The validity of this statement may seem obvious, although it is not always noticed by the patients themselves or even doctors. Prognosis in the case of people with CTS may be established in relation to the progress of the undertaken treatment and the physical condition of the patient in the longterm perspective.

Keywords: carpal tunnel syndrome, surgical treatment, physical therapy, TENS, neuromoblisation



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