Jarosław Strychar Zbigniew Kopański Gregory Sianos


Introduction. Clinical practice indicates that many patients suffering from the carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) must often go through a long diagnostic path from the onset of the first symptoms of this disease, to making the correct diagnosis and taking the right treatment. Correct diagnosis of CTS is often very difficult to establish.
Aim of the study.The objective of the thesis was to present the most important elements of CTS diagnostics.
Selection of material. The search was carried out in the Scopus database using the concepts of the carpal tunnel syndrome and diagnostics in years 2000-2018. The literature found in the Google Scholar database was analysed in terms of the largest number of citations. Literature selected in this way served as the material for the thesis.
Conclusions. An early diagnosis of CTS and treatment results in the remission of symptoms, thanks to which the patient does not have to give up his professional work and favourite hobby, while comprehensive treatment frequently prevents the consequences of CTS.

Keywords: carpal tunnel syndrome, diagnostics



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