Jarosław Strychar Zbigniew Kopański Barbara L Shay Aleksandra Lizik


Introduction. The aetiology of the carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is very different and a large role is attributed to the mechanical factors leading to the narrowing of the carpal tunnel due to its excessive overload, which may result from the nature of performed work.
Aim of the study.The objective of the thesis was to present selected working conditions and non-professional factors in the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Selection of materials. The search was carried out in the Scopus database using the concepts of the carpal tunnel syndrome and professional and non-professional factors of the syndrome development in years 2000-2018. The literature found in the Google Scholar database was analysed in terms of the largest number of citations. Literature selected in this way served as the material for the thesis.
Conclusions. The development of the syndrome may be related to both the repetitiveness of movements and the effort of the hand made in their performance (strenuous effort).

Keywords: carpal tunnel syndrome, mportance of the working environment, non-professional factors



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