Jarosław Strychar Zbigniew Kopański Adelaida Maria Castro Sanchez Aleksandra Lizik


Introduction. The carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) means compression mononeuropathy of upper extremity, which is currently diagnosed with 1-3% of the total population of people in middle and old age. The increase of the problem awareness has prompted the authors to make their own research.
The aim of the study. The aim of this thesis was to present the selected questions from the anatomy of the carpal tunnel and the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome development.
Selection of material. The search was performed in Scopus base, using the concepts of carpal tunnel syndrome and its causes in years 1995-2018. Literature found in Google Scholar database was analysed for the number of citations. Literature selected in this way served as the material for the thesis.
Conclusions. The carpal tunnel syndrome is an aetiologically complex syndrome, frequently with idiopathic background.

Keywords: carpal tunnel syndrome, the reasons for the development of the syndrome



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