Małgorzata Machota Magdalena Sikora Zbigniew Kopański Małgorzata Chajneta Lukas Kober


Introduction. Nursing is art, science and, above all, service. One of the most important expressions of humanism. It requires mastering specific knowledge and appropriate skills. The main goal and task of the nursing profession has been and will always be to provide assistance and care to people in need, but always with ethical and legal principles.
The aim of the study. The aim of the paper was to present selected ethical and legal aspects of the profession of nurse.
Selection of material. The research was conducted in the Scopus database using the terms ethics of the nurse profession, 2002-2018. The literature found in the Google Scholar database was analysed in terms of the highest number of citations. Such selected literature was used as a material for the preparation of this paper.
Conclusions. It is the primary task of a nurse to alleviate suffering, to show care and to help bear the physical and mental suffering of every patient, regardless of cultural or religious differences. The commitment to be trustworthy, supported by an ethical principle of fidelity, is an additional aspect of the primary responsibility for alleviating a patient's suffering.

Keywords: professional tasks of the nurse, ethical and legal basis of the proceedings



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