Selected bibliometric data of JPHNMR

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Index Copernicus


JPHNMR is registered internationally

Google Scholar

A browser of scientific texts of many fields. Additionally, the information on quoting given publications is provided.

Bibliographic databases


The database enables browsing Polish academic and professional journals available in the electronic format. It includes, among other things, bibliographic data, information on availability and links to full texts.

DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals

Over 6022 journals, including 2563 full-text ones are in its register. They are in various languages and cover different fields of natural and social sciences and humanities.


Bibliographic database covering the field of medicine and related sciences provided by Elsevier Science BV of the Netherlands. It constitutes a complementation of the MEDLINE database with Europe-based literature. This tool is especially helpful in searching for publications related to pharmacology and pharmacy.

Index Copernicus Journal Master List

International journal indexation database.

Web of Knowledge)

Bibliographic and biological databases, the so-called citation indices. The contain bibliographic data, abstracts and information of publication citations. An important index here is the h-index – a number of publications which have been cited at least h times.


Medline is the largest database of biomedical journals and magazines. It was created in 1966. It is maintained, developed and updated by U.S. National Library of Medicine. It includes 11 million library records from 4000 journals published in 70 countries as well as selected monographs from scientific conferences and symposia. Around 2/3 of the database’s library records includes abstracts (summaries) of the papers indexed. Medline collects papers from all the fields related to medicine and biomedical sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) as well as other fields related to human health and life.

Polska Bibliografia Lekarska (Polish Medical Bibligraphy)

It is created in the Medical Bibliography Department of the Main Medical Library. Its register includes Polish scientific, clinical and professional literature related to medicine and other sciences, healthcare organization and medical education. The database also includes information on monographs and unpublished doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations from the collection of the Main Medical Library.

Polska Bibliografia Naukowa (Polish Scientfic Bibligraphy)

It has information on academic journals and publications by Polish scientists. This site is a part of the Higher Education Information System.

Scimago Journal and Country Rank

This database provides an alternative for the impact factor measure used to compare academic journals. The journals available via Scopus are evaluated. This measure shows the potential of a journal, i.e. which journals contain articles that are frequently cited by other prestigious journals rather than merely showing which journals are cited most frequently. It is a counterpart of Journal Citation Reports. The basic index of this database is Scimago Journal and Country Rank (SJR).


This is an interdisciplinary database of abstracts and citations provided by Elsevier. It covers the fields of science, technology, medicine and humanities. Scopus includes over 19500 titles, out of which over 18500 are reviewed journals (including 1800 available in the Open Access system), over 400 trade publications, 300 book series as well as 250 conference reports. There are over 46 million bibliographic records in the database, 25 million of which include citations dating back to 1996, as well as 25 million patent records. Academic websites are also indexed. Over a half of journals in the Scopus database are from outside the U.S. Scopus is made available through SciVerse platform on the producers server in the form of subscription with no right to archive the content.

Science Direct

Electronic versions of the journals published by: Elsevier, Academic Press and Harcourt Health Science are made available thanks to a national academic licence that covers all journals from the list of Science Direct Freedom Collection, including around 1650 titles from years 1995 to present and over 370 titles that are no longer continued. The collection includes articles from fields such as mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry and chemical engineering, information technology, technical science, energetics, technology, environmental protection, material science, social science, biological science, agriculture and clinical medicine.